When was the last time you gave any thought to your sheets?

It’s one of those items we spend 6-8 intimate hours per night using. The bedroom is the most personal space in your home. Yet most of us give little thought to our sheets, until they wear out. We generally replace them with whatever brand is on sale, most often white or cream.

Think for a minute about the design possibilities that are only a turn-down away. Colored sheets can transform a bedroom. I’m not talking about prints but solid colors that are as vibrant as a sunset or as serene as a lagoon.

Flaneur’s Zephyr collectionFlaneur’s Zephyr collection includes beautiful pastel combinations. Sheet and pillows in South Beach, bottom sheet and pillows in Abbot Kinney and duvet cover in Marina Del Rey.

Colors you would never imagine could match your bedroom much less you would buy. Flaneur, a California company was established with the belief that you should look beyond “bleached” white bedding and express yourselves with bold, beautiful color.

Their bedding is made to order by craftspeople in Los Angles. They DNA test every batch of 100% Extra-Long-Staple Supima cotton. (Only grown in California.)

Bedding in curated colors means that you can find the exact combination to create an inspirational bedroom. If you don’t know what’s your perfect hue, you can visit their website and take their Color Quiz.

Flaneur’s Zephyr CollectionThe Bohemian color collection is based on mustard, pink and bright blue.

If your bedroom is rustic in style featuring oranges and browns. Consider bedding that can infuse a Bohemian panache to the space. This collection was created by Estee Sanley and Brigette Romanek. “We did this one Bohemian kind of look that had a really beautiful pink, mustard and a bright blue.”

Pavia CollectionPavia collection brightens a plain white bedroom. Pillows and sheets in Chang De pink, sheets and pillows in Nicaragua pale pink and duvet in Baskerville Hall green.

The Pavia Collection by Jamie Bush. An architect and designer that has helped shape the history of California design. He describes his style as organic modernism. Transforming a plain white room is as easy as combining three colors of bedding. Bright pink pillows paired with Nicaragua pink cases and sheets set the stage for the grounding influence of the Baskerville Hall rich green duvet cover.

Blue is one of the most popular colors in America. The Gramercy collection conjoins three distinct hues of blue. Cyprus, Windmere and Gondour to create a classic look that functions beautifully in a traditional décor to provide serenity and balance.

Miles Redd’s bedroom with Cleopatra’s Pool colored sheets.Miles Redd’s bedroom with Cleopatra’s Pool colored sheets.

A bedroom doesn’t have to be plain or simple to benefit from solid colored bedding. Miles Redd, consider by many as the King of Color, choose Flaneur’s Robin’s Egg blue sheets (Cleopatra’s Pool) for his Asian influenced bedroom.

All the old taboos about decorating bedrooms with vivid, bold colors is no longer true. You should select color combinations that please you. Trust your instincts. Step away from white sheets. Be bold and daring.

Beautiful shades of blue pump energy into a traditional white bedroom.Beautiful shades of blue pump energy into a traditional white bedroom.