I love autumn, especially in the Carolina’s. The weather is perfect, the days are still long enough that you can enjoy being outdoors after work and watch the sunset. As the leaves start to turn our thoughts switch from swimming pools to cozy evenings on the patio.

The best way to embrace the fall season is with a new backyard attitude and style. Summer is over so put away all those bright colored pillows, rugs, beach towels and buckets of shells. Replace them with warm colors, cozy throws, fire and lights.

Each season, start with a clean slate. Open your cabinets and closets and look for items that represent the new season. For the fall I like to gather together all the items that represents the rich colors of autumn. Wine, gold, deep greens, gold, brass, copper and ivory.

The collection becomes the focus of my fall décor. You will be surprised at how enjoyable it is to resurrect items that you haven’t used in months or maybe even years.

Fire Bowl
The draw of a fire bowl can’t be overestimated when it comes to outdoor entertaining.

Have an outdoor fire source. Just like an indoor fireplace, it becomes the focal point of the backyard. It draws everyone together and it is affordable. Whether you choose gas or wood burning you can find a product within your budget.

I like a fire pit that has a wide ledge that can accommodate drinks and appetizers. If you have an outdoor dining area consider purchasing one of the new tables that feature a fire trough down the center of the table.

Frontgate’s Meteor Light sets add magic to a fire table setting. Photo by Frontgate.

If you live in an apartment arranging a nice collection of outdoor lanterns with candles to add a touch of fire to your deck or balcony. Lanterns are available in all types of finishes. For the fall I prefer black, brass or copper tones to create an inviting atmosphere. Use ivory candles instead of white.

Outdoor Lantern
Light your walkways with beautiful outdoor lanterns. Photo by Frontgate.

Overhead lighting can have a similar effect when it comes to creating the perfect fall venue. Frontgate’s Meteor Light sets add a dazzling light display that you can hang from trees, over dining tables on a patio or under a pergola. Light a pathway with Meadow Grass Lights or string a succession of patio party lights over your seating area.

Cozy Blanket
A cozy throw keeps you warm while enjoying your backyard this fall. Photo by Hayneedle.

Invest in several cozy throws or blankets and fold them over the backs of your chairs. I use the vintage plaid blankets I’ve been collecting for years. When they aren’t displayed around the seating area I roll them up and place them in big wicker baskets or tin buckets setting around the terrace.

Fall Copper

Copper has always signaled the fall season for me. Replace your vivid serving trays with warm copper or dark wooden one. Serve cocktails in copper mugs, ice down beverages in big copper or tin containers.

This is the time to replace your summer annuals with fall mums, pansies and winter cabbages. Consider planting a winter herb garden. Mint, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, and Thyme all do well in the Carolinas during the cool weather.

Fall Decor
Wicker baskets add a fall touch when filled with tall grasses. A simple wreath is all you need to complete this charming backdoor.

Don’t forget to do a little entertaining this fall season. You have the perfect setting for a cozy get together with friends around a crackling fire pit, wrapped in a warm blanket enjoying a beverage from a gleaming copper mug.