It’s easy to allow yourself to become trapped in neutrals.

They are readily available, classic and safe. They can also be dispassionate, middle-of-the-road and drab. If you are looking for an escape route from this depersonalized pallet, you’re in luck.

The new spring colors and trends will be on display at the upcoming High Point Furniture Market starting October 19th. Pre-market indicators confirm we are in for a big surge in rich, buoyant colors that are aimed to motivate even the most phlegmatic decorator.

Fiesta Stool by Annie Seike
Fiesta Stool by Annie Seike.

If you love blue, in’s arriving in every imaginable shade. From magnificent teal to playful turquoise. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with striking color combinations. Annie Seike displays stunning color mix options in her new introductions.

She starts with Samoa Aegean wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper. You are going to see more and more wonderful wall covering in the coming years. Add a Laurel green Draper Loveseat in sheen leather. Pitch a fun Tibetan sheepskin pillow in pale teal, into the mix.

Wall art and rugs are the two unifying elements in any color experiment. Here, Annie Seike uses a pair of peacock themed giclees in silver leaf frames and a hand knotted jute rug comprised of color, color and more color to anchor the room.

peacock themed giclees
Samoa Aegean wallpaper set the backdrop for the Annie Seike collection of colorful home décor pieces.

Switch up your neutral décor as easily as adding just one statement piece in a vivid jewel tone. Penny Morrison’s slipper chairs provide a huge array of lively choices. From lipstick red to terracotta and every rich tone in between, you will surely find a shade you can’t resist. The textured plaids and stripes are accented with Moroccan fringe.

Working on a small decorating budget? Never underestimate the power of little stools and tables. Brightly colored ceramic garden stools or woven rattan footrests are affordable pieces that can deliver a strong blast of freshness. Replace black and white pictures with one of the vivid new floral artworks emerging in the market place.

slipper chairs
UK designer, Penny Morrison’s new slipper chairs in a full range of engaging colors.

Afraid to venture too far a drift from matchy-matchy? Relax. Seike’s new rug collection is available in numerous color combinations and various sizes. Making it pain free to select a new color filled runner to your stairs and a matching throw-rug to your foyer. You can even order ottomans and benches in the same pattern.

Finding the best color in this exciting new pallet is a process. It starts by paying attention to the fashion trends you are currently seeing at the mall and your favorite boutiques. Fashion always leads the home décor movement. Notice the fresh colors you find yourself gravitating to time and time again.

Match your ottoman and benches to your rugs. By Annie Seike.

Purchase a pillow or throw in this color and see how it works with your homes’ neutral décor. Live with it a few days. Add to it with touches of the same color via book bindings, flowers and vases. Get adventurous. Introduce a second novel shade and keep playing.

Color, fashion and home décor are all there for our enjoyment. They are manufactured and sold to make us happy and enjoy our surroundings. Embrace the excitement by bringing some of these new colors into your home.