Having been the host of the national PBS television series, For Your Home, for over 25 years I’ve learned what it takes to create a pretty room.

I’ve also discovered what it takes to create a sensation space. The difference between a well decorated room and a wow room is curation.

If you have good taste, a sense of style and an understanding of size and scale you can teach yourself how to decorate a room. The tough part is making the space unique. You need patience, a global sense of the possibilities and know where and how to procure the perfect collection of curated pieces.

Curated not DecoratedMikes Photos made available by Pixabay.

A progressive designer is always online and on the road, looking for products and suppliers that will assist in bringing together her client’s home. If you are your own decorator, which most of us are, you need to employ these same skills.

Every room, pretty much, has the same basics. For a living room you want a sofa, a couple of chairs, tables and lamps. Perhaps a rug, drapes and of course wall art. Lots of decorators, especially those who’s services are provided free by a retailer, will put together a room plan.

Curated not DecoratedFerenc Keresi made available by Pixabay.

Everything in that room will come from their resources, i.e. the retailer that employs them. It’s a great service if you want is a room that someone else decorated and may end up looking just like your neighbors.

You can do better by learning to curate your own spaces. I’ve pulled together some key elements that need to be on your radar.

Color, is number one. Even if you want to create a white on white palette you still need pops of color to bring it to life. The color can be subtle or bold but you need color. You also need the paint in your various rooms to flow together.

The living room can be a gray-blue and the powder room lavender but don’t switch to yellow for the foyer. It surges against the tide. A better choice for the front hallway would be a lighter shade of the same blue you used in the living room. Use your art work and rugs to add pops of oranges and pinks while blues and turquoise anchor it together.

Curated not DecoratedClaire Lumley made available by Pixabay.

If you find a bench or chair that is the perfect size and shape for a space needs, but needs TLC, buy it, paint it and go on the hunt for wonderful, unique pillows. If you sew, shop for vintage fabrics and make your own.

Curated not DecoratedPhoto by Pexels made available by Pixabay.

If you are lucky enough to have a “She Shed” it is the perfect space to practice your curating skills by furnishing it with what you love and what you find. It will become your favorite spot because it is a true representation of you and your style.

Balancing the mix of materials, like fabric and leather, wood, iron, earthenware and glass in one room is what curating is all about. The hardest skill to master is your own self confidence. You gain that confidence when you invest time in educating yourself as to what you like, what’s available and how other people pull it all together.

Curated not DecoratedEngin Akyurt made available by Pixabay.

If you hate a room, asking yourself why is even more important than studying a room your love. Always work with colors that you adore. Never try to force color on yourself. Stick within your comfort zone when it comes to an overall theme, be it contemporary, traditional or modern. Ever style needs curation.