Nothing can encourage you to finally address those home improvement projects like sheltering in place for months and months.

Bathrooms and kitchens lead the list for areas within the home that need major attention. They are spaces we use every day and cause us the most dissatisfaction with our abode.

So why not do something? Anything is better than nothing.

Homeowners seem to make decorating and remodeling decisions based on “When we get ready to sell”. Big mistake. You end up living in a house designed for its next owners, not yourself.

Unless you have a terrible style or never visit the internet home sites, the decisions you make will be okay for the next family. Enjoy your home now with your family.

Update Your Bathroom in Style
Steampunk Bay captures the zeitgeist of today’s industrial-chic design.

The key is to keep the same style running throughout your home’s interior. Let a house speak to you. It will accept changes but only if they are consistent with its bones.

Unless you are undergoing a complete renovation, you need to let each project play off the prior one’s style, color palette, and overall value. Don’t put a $3,000 faucet in a bathroom that has a chipped sink and bad flooring

This doesn’t mean to cheap out just spend your money wisely on what’s important to you. Don’t install a soaking tub if you always take showers. A wiser investment would be to remove your outdated tub and enlarge the size of your shower.

Update Your Bathroom in Style
Large Format Showerheads by California Faucets bring a big “wow” factor to the bath.

Outfit the shower with today’s newest equipment that you will really enjoy using. California Faucets’ wider spray showerheads with plenty of personalization options is a better alternative than a “rain shower” head. It doesn’t require any new plumbing changes and delivers a more sumptuous and wider spray experience.

Replacing an old fiberglass molded shower unit with fresh tiles and fixtures is money well spent. You will enjoy using it every day. Tile selection can be overwhelming. Stay away from dark-colored tiles. A shower is a small area and you want it to be well-lit and hygienic.

Update Your Bathroom in Style
Cascade Collection glass tiles from Island Stone.

Cascade Collection of glass tiles from Island Stone combine classic shapes with a textured finish to create subtle movement on the surface that mimics water. A dynamic alternative to matte or gloss finish glass tiles. The aesthetic is ideal for creating a spa-like vibe even in a small bath.

Give some serious thought to your options when replacing your vanity. For decades’ vanities heights were between 30-32” inches tall. Low counter height dates a bathroom not to mention all that bending while brushing your teeth and washing your face.

Update Your Bathroom in Style
Strasser’s Amiri wall-mount vanity floats above the floor, adding to the air of modernity while bringing a sense of spaciousness.

Consider a vanity 42-48” depending on your height and if you’re installing an under-mounted sink. A raised basin or vessel sink calls for a lower vanity to bring it’s the bowl edge to a comfortable height. While a floating or wall-mounted vanities unlocked valuable floor space and makes a small bath appear larger it does require special plumbing.

With all fixture changes, check with your contractor or plumber regarding installation cost. You may change your mind and decide you can be just as happy with a customary option than spending more than you can afford.

Update Your Bathroom in Style
Sans Hands automated faucet technology eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles.

Little changes can make a big difference. We are all doing more handwashing and cleaning than before. A great update is a touchless faucet. The technology eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles, eliminating the possible transfer of harmful pathogens. A variety of styles for both the kitchen and the bathroom are available to match your existing or future décor.

Our home is our sanctuary more now than ever. If you have the time and the budget to finally make even a few small improvements you will find it very gratifying.