Vicki PayneVicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert.  Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. The show is available on PBS, Create TV, and in national and international syndication.

For Your Home is the longest running home and garden show on television.  This informative and entertaining program takes the mystery out of home projects. Vicki’s step-by-step demonstrations are helpful to homeowners at all levels of experience and engrossing to viewers who are simply curious about improving their homes.

Vicki has a unique vision of how we live today with an eye towards tomorrow’s designs and trends. Her designs are ruled by simplicity and balance, and are crisp and approachable. The result is a living space that is classic yet timeless, blending both sophistication and livability.

Vicki is a wife, mom and YaYa (grandmother) to a growing family.  As the CEO of Cutters Productions and an Emmy Award winning producer Vicki has established herself as one of today’s leading independent producers of lifestyle programming. In addition to her work in television, she is an accomplished columnist, speaker and trend analyst, as well as a bestselling author of more than a dozen books. Vicki’s stylish and chic ideas are available through her books, frequently published newspaper and magazine articles, personal appearances and her branded product lines.